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Video, Power and Data Cables for Charlotte, NC

Get the best prices on the video, power and data cables you need for your video security equipment in Charlotte, NC. Whether you need video power cables, coaxial cable or bulk Cat5 cable for long cable runs-we have a selection of cables to meet your video security application needs. Our high-quality video cables are available in various lengths and are designed to provide smooth, seamless video transmission for your video surveillance equipment. Need help with your cable selection? Our security experts are here to help. Call Business Improvement Technologies today at 888-240-0290.


Cable - BNC to BNC, 3 ft

Cable - BNC to BNC, 6 ft

Patch Cable - CAT5, 1 ft

Patch Cable - CAT5, 10 ft

Patch Cable - CAT5, 100 ft

Video Cable - CAT5, 1000 ft

Patch Cable - CAT5, 3 ft

Video Cable - CAT5e, 1000 ft, 350 MHz

CAT5 Bulk Cable - Plenum Rated, 1000 ft

Video Cable - CAT6, 1000 ft, 550 MHz

Video Cable - CAT6, 1000 ft, 23AWG

Cable - HDMI, 25 ft

6 Foot VGA Cable

25 Foot VGA Cable

50 Foot VGA Cable

PTZ Siamese Cable - 14AWG Power

25 ft Power Extension Cable

3 ft Power Extension Cable

50 ft Power Extension Cable

Male to Male 4 Inch Power Extension Cable